Dramatis Personae

The Rulers
King of England — Edward III
King of France — John II
King of the Romans — Charles IV

The Clergy
The Pope — Clement VI
Archbishop of Canterbury — Simon Islip
Bishop of Hereford — John Trillock
Bishop of Lincoln — John Gynwell
Abbot of Shrewsbury — Adam de Clebury
Prior of St. Frideswide — Prior Thomas
Prior of Bromwich — Prior Nolan
Novices of Bromwich — Radulphus, Galdric, Amelyn
Priest of Walsall — Richard Tate

The Inquisition
Inquisitor General — Nicholas Eymerich

The Witches
Witch of Bromwich — Hawise Preste
Witch of Streatham — Ossenna Tate

The Nobility
6th Earl of Hereford — Humphrey de Bohun
Sheriff of Berkshire — John Laundeles of Bampton
Sheriff of Herefordshire — Richard de Burges
Mayor of Oxford — John de Bereford
Baron of Bromwich — John Marnham (and his sister Isabel)
Garter Knight — Thomas Wale

The Scholars
Chancellor of Oxford — William de Palmorna
Professor of Theology — John Wycliffe
Professor of Medicine — Eustachius Carnifex
Professor of Mathematics — Lewis Charlton
Fencing Instructor — Guy Chandler
Assistant to Prof. Wycliffe — Henry Metcalfe

The Supporting Cast
Steward of Bromwich Manor — Walter Freeman
Cook of Bromwich Manor — Emma
Chief mason in the restoration of Bromwich Priory — Henry Mason
Man at arms of Bromwich — Alan Forney

Holy Men – Now Deceased
Chancellor of Oxford, Bishop of Hereford, Templar Chaptermaster — Saint Thomas de Cantilupe
Grand Master of the Knights Templar — Jaques de Molay

Dramatis Personae

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