Theo Brewer (Hastings)

A short, wiry, earnest heir to a minor house.




Invoke (Unholy)
Travel (Move)
Parley (Courtesy)
Parley (Fellowship)
Parley (Authority)
Investigate (Examine)
Knowledge (Brewing)
Knowledge (Witchcraft)

Relationships (bonds):
Arthur: Arthur is a true son of God, utterly different from me.
Tristan: I can count on Tristan to soil his soul with me.
Simon: I feel guilty pleasure when Simon fails and envy when he succeeds.
Jules: Jules knows me from before I lost myself; I trust her fully.
Miss Stanley:

I must accept all holy tasks, even those beyond me.
I will use tools of evil (Witchcraft and Unholy magic) only to do God’s work.

110 silver pennies (3/day is standard lodging rate)
Badge of the house of Hastings (well cared-for but not displayed prominently)
Badge of Canes de Deus
Buff coat of Canes de Deus

XP: 7
CP: 2


Theo was born into a family of brewers, but when he was only six the brewery that his family lived and worked in burned down in a conflagration that killed all but him—and was actually his fault, from a first fumbling attempt to “do magic” that actually resulted in a totally non-magical (but still deadly) fire.  He lived alone as a street urchin for a few years, and then he earned a spot in the household staff of the newly landed Baron of Hastings.  This happened because Theo reminded the lady of the house of her own son, Laurence, who was about the same age.  Once the family took Theo into their staff, he and the young scion Laurence became close friends and grew up together.  And when the scion headed off to fight in the Hundred Years’ War and was felled, the family embraced Theo as their heir to the Barony of Hastings and sent him to Oxford.

Theo Brewer (Hastings)

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