Arthur Morley

A big, shy student of Theology


Age 22, Son of Robert Lord Morley and Angelica Du Frey

A tall man with a narrow face and an air of fragility. Shy around others and desperately devout.

  • I will never use the sword before the Word.
    (Adrienne wants Arthur to be put in combat situations where appealing to God won’t help.)
  • I will always aid mothers and the sick.
    (Adrienne wants Arthur to be put in situations where he helps a particular type of person, even if they’re evil.)
  • I will not permit my friends to succumb to the temptations of the flesh.
    (Adrienne wants a prudish Arthur to be put in situations where he has to weigh his respect for his friends, and his dislike of conflict, against condemnation of their actions.)
  • I will teach Theo to recognize his own connection to God. (Theo needs my support until he finds his own Strength.)
  • I will protect Simon’s soul. (Simon needs watching.)
  • Tristan will always fall under the protection of my sword. (I hate to fight, but some cannot fight for themselves.
  • Jules is a lady and I will always treat her as such.
  • I have promised Miss Stanley that I will help her with fencing… but I am not sure I am up to the task.
  • Jon Fane, my old friend from squiring, is also a student here. I hope he will not hold my change in profession against me.
Youth (Age 1-7)

During childhood, Arthur was the apple of his parents’ eyes. He played at jousting with his father, sang songs with his mother, and listened with utter rapture to stories of heroes, battles, and history.

Adolescence (Age 8-14 )

During adolescence Arthur alternately squired for his father and studied under his tutor, Mr Stafford. Although he had an aptitude for scholarship, he was obliged to abandon his books at the age of 11 or so – to accompany his father on campaigns.

Early Manhood (Age 16-19)

Late in his 16th year, he contracted a terrible wasting sickness that left him bedridden for many seasons. Even now he seems frail and sickly. During this time, he formed a strong relationship with his pastor, Father Quinel, with whom he discussed the nature of Death and the Divine. Just as Arthur’s ailment began to recede and he prepared to embark upon a career in the clergy, his father returned from France.

Present Day

With Knightship impossible and the Church unthinkable, Lord Morley’s priority was to get Arthur out of his sight. His mother’s suggestion that he be sent to Oxford easily took root. Arthur has been here two years and not yet told his parents that he is studying Divinity.

The Morleys:

Sir Robert is a knight, who recently distinguished himself in the Battle of Crecy. He suffered a grave wound and his warring days are now over. Arthur is his first, and most disappointing, son. Angelica is from an old family; staunchly patriotic despite their French name. She is sensible, kind and fair-voiced.

Arthur has four siblings. Agnes (18, wed to one of the Astley’s). Cecily (16, not yet betrothed), John (13, squiring in France) and Richard (8, visiting the Astley’s, beginning squireship).

Arthur Morley

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