Places of Power

Places of power are both naturally (conjunction of lay-lines, old forests) and unnaturally (rituals) occurring.

Naturally occurring sites possess an aura of Communion; strengthening nature, spirit, and the metaphysical bonds between all things.

Holy ceremonies can establish Dominion, which weakens infernal power and entities.

Unholy rituals establish Corruption, weakening divine power and entities.

Important sites of worship (pagan, holy, unholy) tend to be constructed on these naturally occurring places of power, to tap into its Communion or to harness the power and convert it into Dominion or Corruption.

Dominion and Corruption can be weakened by performing acts of their opposing nature (e.g. unholy acts within an area of Dominion). Both Dominion and Corruption weaken over time if on a site possessing Communion, if their respective ceremonies and rituals are not maintained.

Places of Power

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