Molder's Hill Artifacts

Saxon brooch – saxon_brooch.jpg

Pre-Christian brooch of Saxon design. Silver with niello inlay.

The engraved decoration depicts the five senses.

From the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; Creoda was a war-chief known for his amazing skill as a hunter, with keen senses and cunning beyond that of a normal man.

Based on location found, design, and period, this is likely the brooch of Creoda or his family.

Creoda is thought to be responsible for building the first fortress at Tamworth, and may have been the first to be called a King of Mercia.

Roman breastplate – roman_breastplate.jpg

A breastplate suggests it is the armor of an officer of the Roman army.

The lack of specific motif indicates a conscripted unit.

Likely the armor of an officer within the Cohors Primae Cornoviorum, a conscripted infantry unit formed from the Cornovii.

Molder's Hill Artifacts

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