Action Roll

When the outcome of a character’s Action is unclear, their player must make an Action Roll.

Roll 2d6 and modify their sum by the Edge modifier (if any).


2 or less Fail. The Action does not produce the desired results and any opposition gains critical success.
3 – 5 Lesser success. The Action produces 1 point of Success (delivers 1 Stress in combat), while the opposition (if any) retaliates with 3 points of Success.
6 – 8 Expected success. The Action produces 2 points of Success, with 2 points of Success in retaliation.
9 – 11 Greater success. The Action produces 3 points of Success, with 1 point of Success in retaliation.
12 or more Critical success. The Action produces an exceptional result (6 points of Success) and any opposition is ignored.

Action Roll

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