According to Professor Wycliffe…

Magic/Sorcery is not in itself evil. Good magic occurs through the grace of the Divine. Evil magic occurs when one deals with the Infernal. The former will not corrupt a person or take away another’s agency; the latter will.

Magnitudes of Invocation

The following describes the expected results of each magnitude within the three types of Invocation: Holy, Unholy, and Magic.

Holy 1 – Blessings of the Saints and Angels
This is expressed mechanically as conditions that grant Edge, or provide spiritual armor against some form of danger (physical, elemental, poison, etc.)

Holy 2 – Prayers
Healing of the body and soul, temporary wards against infernal trespass, temporary compulsion of infernal forces, comprehension of language

Holy 3 – Ceremonies
Lasting effects similar to Prayers; exorcism of infernal forces from a place or person, establishing lasting Dominion at a church approved site, removing Corruption from a site, imbuing appropriate items with holy power (e.g. holy water)

Unholy 1 – Hexes of the Diaboli and Devils
This is expressed mechanically as conditions that affect Edge negatively, or have slow acting but potentially fatal consequences.

Unholy 2 – Charms
Harm of the body and soul, temporary wards/traps against trespass, temporary command over another, scrying, glamour, transformation into animal forms

Unholy 3 – Rituals
Lasting effects similar to Charms; necromancy, infestation of Corruption at a site, creating items with unholy power, binding contracts of command over another, stealing the life force of another to maintain youth, transmutation of living beings

Magic 1 – Cantrips
Minor manipulation of lay lines that bind the universe; ignite a candle, move a small object, unlock a door, intensify or diminish light, enhance the senses of the caster (which can grant Edge)

Magic 2 – Spells
Temporary, but more potent, magical and elemental effects; fiery bolts, lightning strikes, sheets of ice, blasts of wind, earthly shackles, communion with animals

Magic 3 – Enchantments
Lasting effects similar to Spells; transmutation of inanimate objects, lasting illusion, imbuing items with magical power


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