Tristan Arundel

A budding physician, astrologer and occultist.


Coming to Oxford with a particular interest in astrology and surgery, Tristan wanted to learn how the natural world works. He has seen that the legal system can be effective, and believes that it would be more so, if the Church would keep to its strengths and stick to caring for the spirit, and it is clear that there is plenty of spiritual work to be done these days. The King, of course, is both a Divine and a Legal authority.

Having recently learnt that the metaphysical spheres may also be within reach, and that they have greater connections than he knew to the plague, this now seems like a very fruitful avenue of understanding. Learning of the corruption of souls that appears to be pandemic, it may also be of vital moral import to do what he can, even at the risk of associating with unsavoury forces. Reading his stars, it has become very clear that this is a journey he was meant to take.


  • I will sin myself for the greater good, rather than let another.
  • I will advocate restraint of the Church primarily to spiritual matters.
  • I will always consult the stars before actions of great import.


  • Theo should nurture his talents (rather than worrying about the morality of them).
  • Simon is a friendly rival.
  • John is a fellow reformist and indebted to me.


+Keen (Perception)
+Clever (Mind)
+Relentless (Passion)

-Apathetic (Spirit)
-Small (Body)
-Chaste (Passion)


  • Astrologer 1
  • Physician 1
  • Occultist 1
  • Move 1
  • Fellowship 1
  • Study 1
  • Research 1


  • Analyse (Req: +Clever)
  • Burning the Candle (Req: +Relentless)
  • Spot (Req: +Keen)

Tristan grew up in the country. His father, a judge, owned some land, and even had a few tenants to manage it, and so Tristan spent a lot of time there.

At 7 years old, until 13, he was in service as a page for a local Baron. The Baron was an avid astronomer, with his own observatory set up in his garden. Tristan was tutored with the family children and spent much of the rest of his time helping the Baron locate and observe celestial objects. Noble children were largely uninterested in the non-knightly, fairly reclusive life, so this proved an excellent opportunity for Tristan.

From 14 to 17, Tristan went to a grammar school, and studied law (at the insistence of his father), Latin, music and mathematics. He was never particularly interested in the law, but took an interest in the other subjects.


For the next couple of years, Tristan was a physician’s apprentice. He conducted astrological calculations, prepared implements, tended to wounds, and acted as a surgical assistant. He discovered that he wasn’t squeamish, and was fascinated by the workings of the body.

Tristan Arundel

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